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alquezar5Alquezar is a medieval village plenty of art, history and witchcraft that always keep the visitors bewwitched. Narrows streets and smalls passages on top –legend says that once it was possible to walk throws Alquezar without pacing the streets.

The emblematic monument is the “colegiata “ dated from the XI th century where you can see a very unic christ ( with the two feet separated o the cross ) The legend says that still a bell is ringing when the spirit of the last king pass by.

Some other places are worth to visit as the source of Monchiringuel, San Miguel church, the etnologic museum, Fabian house….

Spectaculars landscapes, a world of rocs and water, deep valleys with diversity of wildlife and vegetation, prehistoric paintings, medieval towers and walls, monasteries, snow shafts, witchcraft and gohstes, adventure: it’s all aroud in Alquezar.


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