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alquezar4Sierra de Guara

The natural park of the Sierra of Guara cover an area of 48.000 acres and the river Vero run across all the way. The history of the Sierra go back 20.000 years ago with caves from the Palaeolithic superior and

Megalithic dolmens. More recently remains of the Arabic occupation, medieval

Monasteries, churches, culture, all proof of human presence along the centuries.

The merging between stones and water had made possible the creation of thousands of canyons that make the fame of this region. A lot of activities related to the canyons exist in the village with professional assessor.

Somontano de Barbastro

Somontano is viewed as a natural paradise. It is like differents worls at once. In a few miles you can appreciate differents kind of landscapewith different vegetation, trees, smells and always olive and almonds trees and wineyards. This diversity has permit that Somontano has a quarter of its area protected and part of Red Nature 2000.

Manies activities are available since bird watching till extrems sports, climbing, canyoning, horse riding.

Most of the culture of this region is oriented to the wine and the visit of wineyards and wine producers. In 1984 the road of Somontano wine was created and recommands numbers of place and restaurants.


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